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    A range of KPI’s has been prepared for each category, and Judges will refer to these in evaluating submissions. The information submitted should therefore be as detailed and accurate as possible, so as to enable judges to make a sound decision. The financial data in particular is important, so the more detailed the better. Incomplete data submission will affect your KPI scores. All information submitted will be kept in strictest confidence.

    To submit additional supporting documents via mail or email, or for any enquiries about the submission process, please refer to the Contact Page.

  • Applicant Details

    All entries must be submitted in English
  • Submission

  • Submit an abbreviated copy or website link of your organisation’s latest audited financial statements to support:
    · Growth in revenue
    · Growth in profit margin
    · Overseas revenue as a percentage of total revenue
  • Submit a full or abbreviated copy of your organisation’s latest audited financial statements. Files must be uploaded in PDF, JPG or PNG format and under 2 MB.
    Drop files here or
  • List and briefly describe any new international markets that have been developed for your company
  • List and briefly describe all new products and services that you have launched internationally
  • Describe your organisation’s risk management strategies and practice
  • List and describe social community service activities and recognised outcomes; Explain company policies towards diversity and equal opportunity; List and describe measures taken to reduce the company’s impact on the environment and natural resources.