• The nominated company should be either a public or private company, registered in Hong Kong has and must have been operating for at least three years. It should have achieved significant revenue and profitability as a direct result of successfully developing and penetrating new markets overseas, thereby enhancing Hong Kong’s international reputation.
  • Only companies with an annual turnover of HK$500 million or above will be considered.
  • The company should demonstrate a strategy for identification of new markets overseas for existing products/services and plans for developing new products/services linked to future growth of the business.
  • The company should demonstrate sound business understanding and implementation of projects that take into account cultural issues, diversity and international marketing techniques, while also operating under international standards of practice.
  • The company should demonstrate effective risk management in the changing environment as well as commitment to socially responsible business practices.
  • The company should demonstrate successful cases of corporate culture across international markets.
  • The company should demonstrate cases of recognition (such as awards or accolades) won in international markets.